Healing The Divide in Covid-19 Times

Situations like the one we are now living through are why the acronym VUCA was created.  No doubt, we are living in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times.  And when the VUCA hits the fan, we at Learning in Action want to be in it with you, supporting you through it.

Heal The Divide Mission

Learning in Action is committed to healing the divide within and between people. Healing the divide within and between is the work that connects the world.  Healing our dividedness from our essence will heal the dividedness between us. We dream of a world in which when one of us hurts, we all feel it.  And we run to the aid of the other just as we would to our own.  We envision a world in which there is a realization that we are separate and connected and ONE. 

How We’re Supporting You During These Times

We’ve created several of-the-moment classes to support our community. These classes are free or donation-based and come packed with bonus materials, worksheets and meditations.

Mindful Relationships

Mindful Relationships provides both inspiration and a practical methodology for using meditation techniques to begin healing the relational divides within ourselves and others. For the next 6 weeks, we will explore methods to cultivate a practice of presence and acceptance, and you’ll learn the skillful means you need to engage with even the most difficult relationships by way of live, virtual classes accompanied by on-demand resources, recordings and exercises. Our first class kicks off on May 26th! Learn more and sign up to join us.


Moving Through Fear

An interactive, on-demand course designed to engage your innate capacity to understand, accept, move through and use your experience of fear to your benefit. Learn the steps you can take to name, tame, sit with and move through fear into a place of acceptance and possibility.


A free come-as-you-are inspirational mini-series delivered to your inbox each week with short video reflections and meditations designed to help you find meaning during these times of uncertainty.

Heal The Divide Podinar Series

Our Heal The Divide podinar series is a free, monthly, live interactive virtual learning. Our intention for our podinar series is to facilitate and accelerate transformative change in the world. We do that by introducing a community of change agents to thought leaders, providing opportunities for professional development, and creating experiences that inspire, inform and build community. Our next podinar (webinar + podcast) is on May 29, 2020.

100% Virtual EQ Certification Training

Are You Interested in Going Deeper Faster with Clients and Helping Them Break Through in Weeks Instead Of Months? Discover how to uncover your client's hidden patterns, deepen your client relationships, and help your clients achieve their goals faster. The EQ Profile is the only simulation-based emotional intelligence assessment. Unlike most emotional intelligence assessment tools, this profile is about relationships. The EQ Profile maps what neural pathways get activated in difficult relationships and offers a guide for the ongoing development of the self for high-performance, successful relationships, as well as an overall sense of well-being and vitality in living. People are encouraged to reflect on their relational and emotional strengths and weaknesses in their current relationships.

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Recent Articles

Awakenings Amid a Quarantine: Reconnecting with Our True Selves

As the world changes — for many of us daily life pared to the essentials — with less travel and shuttling back and forth to the office, gym, kids’ practices and social engagements, we find ourselves adapting as well.

Have you noticed that conversations with friends, family, clients and colleagues have become more real? More truthful and authentic? That they are saying things you’ve never heard them say before?

We at Learning in Action have tuned into this wisdom and truth in the everyday language of people everywhere in the past few weeks of quarantine, and it inspired us to launch this new Heal the Divide video miniseries, “Awakenings.” We invite and encourage you to explore this awakening with us. This is how it will work:

First, come as you are. Connect from a place of comfort and sanctuary twice a week for short, 3-6 minute videos, on Sundays and Wednesdays. Wear whatever is comfortable and be ready to take in what the world is trying to communicate and what meaning can be found in what’s happening right now. Each week, we include a downloadable guided journal page where you can write your reflections. And we encourage you to share your reflections or awakening with us! 


Moving Through Fear in an Age of Uncertainty

We at Learning in Action are here for our community, and we’re listening deeply to what’s needed in the world right now. And what we’re hearing is that there’s a need for resources and insights for working with fear.

We developed the new video course, “Moving Through Fear,” to help you name, tame and move through the fear of what you may be experiencing and would be so natural to be experiencing during this really challenging time.

Much has been written about how to handle fear of things we can control, like fear of flying, fear of public speaking or even fear of failure. But less is available about how to handle the fear that comes with situations like we’re experiencing now —those over which we have little to no control.

Whether they’re top of mind or running in the background, our questions and doubts can generate fear. Will life ever return to normal? Will I or someone I love get sick? Will I lose my job? What about my financial future? 

And so that’s what this article — and the video course — is about. How do we work with fear in the face of great uncertainty?


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