Do our clients FEEL our empathy for them?

We know that a coach’s empathy has the ability to improve their client’s outcomes. And that the relationship between the coach and the client plays a crucial role in the progress a client is able to make.

And we believe we are being empathetic.

But are our clients feeling it?

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We aren’t taught empathy as coaches (or as humans for that matter). We know it’s important. But do we really know how to demonstrate an empathetic response so that our clients will feel it?

We may think we are being empathetic with our clients…but are we?

This free, short course is for any coach who is curious about empathy, what it looks, feels and sounds like, and how to demonstrate it so their clients will feel it.

What You'll Learn

  • What is WE-Q
  • What is empathy in the context of WE-Q
  • The three types of empathy and its four attributes
  • What gets in the way of empathy
  • Where and how we tend to get empathy ‘wrong”
  • How to demonstrate empathy in a coaching session
  • How it feels to be empathized with
  • Benefits of empathetic coaching especially when paired with challenge

You’ll walk away from this free, short course knowing just how important empathy is and how you can demonstrate it in your coaching sessions so that your clients FEEL it and then experience even better outcomes.

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