The EQ in Action Profile Is Now The

WE-Q Profile

The EQ in Action Profile has been creating awareness for people about their hidden patterns for two decades. It’s been helping people see the invisible forces that have been impacting their relationships, perhaps for a lifetime. And now it’s being given a name and a context more fitting of its nature.


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To make this change a seamless transition, we’ve provided responses to some questions that may be coming up for you below.

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WE-Q is a term that Learning in Action created to refer to relational intelligence or the ability to be present, connected, and mindfully in relationship with another. WE-Q is rooted in the belief that we are already, always at the deepest level, connected with each other. Being relationally intelligent, (or tapping into our WE-Q), is possible when we access, allow, and attune all dimensions of our experience and all dimensions of the experience of others. As humans, we have within us 5 dimensions of experience: our thoughts, our wants or desires, our feelings or emotions, our sensations, and our consciousness (including our ability to be aware of and separate from our thoughts, wants, feelings and sensations). And when we are present with the energy and information from all of these dimensions within us and in others, we are able to find our connection and be in mindful relationship with others, even when it's difficult. WE-Q reveals a path to connection which is the intention of the WE-Q Profile.

While EQ is defined in various ways, it's usually described as something like "the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways." Though emotions are vitally important, they are but one dimension of the human experience. WE-Q captures all dimensions. EQ is categorized into abilities like self-management, relationship management, self-awareness and social awareness. WE-Q examines what is underneath and drives our ability to be self-aware and socially aware and to self-manage and manage our relationships effectively. Finally, EQ is typically discussed within the context of an agenda: to be a more effective leader, to raise more resilient children, and to have a better marriage. WE-Q is solely placed in the context of relationships and who we are in relationship with others, especially when it's difficult.

We are moving from EQ to WE-Q for three main reasons:

  • EQ simply doesn't describe what we are measuring with our instrument.
  • Using EQ to define our instrument doesn't differentiate us from the 13+ other instruments that say they measure EQ
  • It's never been more important for us humans to repair our relationships, to focus on our innate connectedness, and reveal the path to connection.

The EQ Practitioner Certification will now be the WE-Q Practitioner Certification, however the methodology of the WE-Q Profile assessment and our approach to certification training will not change, we are simply rebranding our products.
This new branding gives Learning In Action an opportunity to better align with our mission and reflects our unique offerings. We believe the WE-Q branding better reflects what the instrument measures and reveals and differentiates it from the many other assessments that measure and define EQ differently.

The core function and methodology of the EQ in Action Profile assessment will remain the same -- a simulation-based tool that tracks and captures our internal experience under stress, revealing what we can't see about ourselves and how those experiences influence our relationships. The new name, WE-Q Profile, is intended to better reflect what and how the Profile will support our relationships both internally and externally.

If you've attended EQ Certification Training in the last three years, you do not need to attend again. If it has been more than three years since you've joined EQ Certification or Refresher training, we highly recommend that you attend our next virtual 13-week training beginning September 6, 2022. Our training is now more focused on the experience of the coach and the placement of the WE-Q Profile as a tool that can help identify and then re-write hidden patterns and related narratives. Register early and pay only $349 and earn 40 ICF CCEUs. Learn more HERE.

We will be providing all Certified Practitioners with a new WE-Q certification badge.

The branding of the EQ Portal, the EQ Profile report, and general training materials will be gradually updated. We're anticipating the following timeline:

  • Immediately -- Flyers and your certification badge
  • May - July 2022 -- Certification training, assets (i.e. worksheets, exercises, & templates) provided in training, EQ Profile report, Practitioner programs (EQ YOU, DEEP, etc.)
  • July - August 2022 -- New WE-Q Practitioner Portal, website, and learning portal
Dates are subject to change. We want you to feel fully supported throughout this process and will communicate closely with you as systems and materials are updated.