The Role of Emotions

Emotions play a vital role in how our clients make meaning of their experience.  And whether they know it or not, our clients are being influenced by their emotions in the thoughts they think, the decisions they make and the actions they take.  However many of our clients discount the importance of their feelings or don’t have ready access to their feelings, or simply don’t have a language for what they feel.

We created this primer for you to facilitate coaching your clients around their emotions. Download and share this free emotions guide with your clients to help them understand the role emotions play in their lives, the importance of accessing them, and a language to use to identify and talk about them.

A great resource to keep handy in your coaching toolbox!


What's Inside...

You'll receive insights into the role that our emotions play in our lives, a deep dive on seven core feelings, and includes:

  • The information each emotion provides us that no other dimension of our experience provides.
  • The gift of each emotion and how our lives and relationships are better when we accept the gift. .
  • The risk to ourselves and our relationships of under accessing each emotion (when we don’t feel it or don’t feel it much).
  • The risk to ourselves and our relationships of over accessing each emotion ( not letting it go, or getting stuck in it).
  • A list of feeling words for each emotion to build emotional literacy.
  • Notes to add a bit of explanation for each of seven emotions.

Use this guide to help your clients make more meaning of their emotional lives and provide them the language and tools they need to better navigate their inner landscape. It handily complements our EQ Profile, and it equally stands on its own.